After much trial and tribulations, i got the .com! yea me! but fyi, i’m a trekkie, not a techie so this is going to be such a funny adventure.


So for all my new readers, thanks for joining me. For my old readers/subscribers, thanks for joining me on the new site. I appreciate your love and support SO VERY much!!!

Also: for my new readers and potential new subscribers, here’s the link to my old blog


For my old subscribers, you can see that my old posts are not here (boo!) but give me a moment as they will be imported or someone move here at some point. (You know how movers are, they break your favorite lamp, dent the desk and swear it was like that before… etc)

but don’t worry, we shall work it out and keep moving.

So, keep coming back and you will be astounded at all the lovely post and absolutely insane things I will write about.


Happy PIE DAY!!!2 askhole