Size doesn’t matter

true love doesnt care about your size

One of the things I am passionate about is size acceptance. Too many people make assumptions about anyone who is over a size 10, God help you if you are over a size 14! The expectation is that your ‘face’ is cute but your body.. not so much. What type of bullshit is that!

Are you serious? Can you not tell me that she is not beautiful? what about tthem? or these women?

Let me tell you a not-so-big secret?

Women over a size 12 get laid.


women over a size 12 are healthy, sexy, and happy. They date, mate and have a great time with men (and women). Women over a size 12/14/16/18/20/22/24/28/30/32 turn down more sex daily than most people see in a month.

yep, I said it.

don’t hate.

So this online trolling thing about anyone who is not a size 0 or 1 or full of silicone, fake boobs, fake butts, all sorts of fillers and other extremes or inserts. Men like women with ‘meat’ on their bones. If you are a man and you meet someone and she’s like, hot. it doesn’t matter what your boys think. Um, they are not trying to see her naked. and trust me when I say that if she’s quality, (and maybe not) they will try and slide up to her when you aren’t looking. If you are a guy and dating and finding yourself getting caught up in a lot of drama. You might want to re-evaluate what you are looking for in a woman. Because the woman of your dreams might not look like Beyonce but Jill Scott

I’m just saying…

She has a ring, now what?

Sometimes, you have to be petty.

I admit it. I can be pretty petty at times.

No shade to self, but I can be.

Especially when I think certain people are being hypocrites or worse, basic petty.
Ciara and Russell Wilson announced their engagement .

I am wonderfully, deliriously happy for them.

Despite what my friend Yvette says, I do love love.

I just have issues with people who throw the word around like its money at a strip club.

Or cheap airline tickets

Or have to be engaged to every man they are dating. WTH is up with that?

I had begun a different post to address various individuals who had disparaging remarks towards Ciara and Russell’s public vows of celibacy. One writer said that she thinks the whole relationship reeks of bullshit. Another said she’s also being celibate and it gives her hope in her journey.

Are we so jaded by two healthy, vibrant, hard-bodies, sexy individuals decided NOT to have sex in their relationship that we just lose our damn minds?

Both Ciara and Russell are over 18, hell they are over 25. So why are we sitting on the edge of their bed with a big bowl of popcorn talking about “get it girl!!!???”
They are adults. Last I recall. As long as they have no one under the age of 18 in their bed or animals, I do not care.


I do not care.

I think it is absolutely great that they took at stand and said Hey; sex doesn’t HAVE to rule your relationship, because it SHOULD NOT.
Sex is a wonderful, grand, hot, sticky at times, soul- suspending intimate act between two people (or sometimes more) that CHOSE to expression their emotional feelings in physical ways.
How they do that is not really any of our business
We, too, are joining them in the bed.
(Again, that’s another post)
But all the ruckus about this couple ‘lying’ about being celibate, being called stupid for being celibate, etc
It just makes me want say to Russell and Ciara:

Be fruitful, multiple often and be married for 60 years. Just to prove them wrong.

This woman has gone through some really, really tough situations.

My dating/relationship history is bad enough when I have to remember it in my own mind, imagine if your dating history was on the internet, Complete with PICTURES.
I shudder at that thought.

Yet we think it’s perfectly okay for to tell them they SHOULD be having sex.
Because why?

Because they have nice bodies?

Because WE would be screwing like rabbits if WE had bodies and money and access like that?

Well, sometimes, everything that glitters isn’t gold.

I think it’s great that they found each other. I think it’s going to eat her son’s father Future alive that she is getting married to Russell. (All the shade that is possible I send his way)

That woman has put up with more than enough bullshit from men. 3 of her ex’s have baby mommas who put all sorts of business out in the streets about these guys. I will admit that when I saw the picture of her and Future, my first thought was:

“She doesn’t have any real woman friends surrounding her or he’s got a great head game.”

Crass I know

As sure as I know my birth name, I knew Ciara and Future would never marry. Why?

“Don’t mistake activity with achievement.” John Wooden

Future has proven he can make children. He didn’t prove he had successful relationships with his partners in creating them.

Add this whole debacle with Future being pissy about the breakup (yea I said pissy) and about Russell Wilson being around their child and I’m pretty confident in saying she dodged a bullet with that relationship. Co-parenting with this guy, again, WHOLE ANOTHER post (coming soon)

The best thing you can do for your current relationship (or future one- no pun intended) is to be your best self. That means taking the time to get to know yourself and the person(s) you are involved with. It means making decisions that are the right decisions for YOUR relationship, not what others THINK are the right decisions for your relationship, and that includes having sex.

So congratulations to the lovely couple. May they have the life together that they both truly prayed for.

at some point you have to accept the fact