late posting

I have not posted recently. It was not as if I didn’t want to (or working on several)

But things happened.

Computer issues.

Then Minnesota

Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge again.

I am still working on pulling my emotional equilibrium to a fully functional level.

It is very difficult.

I have nephews.

I have nieces.

I have great-nephews.

I have great-nieces.

It is difficult to listen to the rhetoric flowing in both directions.

Everyone is talking

No one is listening

No one is using facts.

Conjecture, fallacies and outright falsehoods (on both sides) have reduced issues to he said/he said.

To not agree with one means you agree with the other side 100%

There is no alternative.

Critical thinking is ignored for political rhetoric.

Respect is considered one way, on both sides

Respect me because I wear a badge

Respect me because the color of my skin

But don’t expect me to reciprocate.

That is what I hear, over and over.

If they did this, they would be respected more. If they did that, they’d be respected more.

A fucking Mexican standoff.

No one wants to give a millimeter
And people are dying.

We have a clown running for president who has been caught in lie after lie, using the same benefits for his family businesses and corporations that he claims are hurting the middle class.

The same class he’s profiting from

That somehow in office, he’s going to protect them.


We have a woman running for president, that if she were a man, would commended for being a strong leader is savagely being attacked on a molecular level for exhibiting the same characteristics.

A woman who stayed with her cheating husband is vilified while a man whose mistress confronted his wife and children on a ski slope during a Christmas vacation brags about his ‘family values’.

Racial slurs are thrown at our president, his wife, and his daughters every day for the past 8 years yet not one politician or person has apologized or even admitted a) their comments were racist b) their comments were unacceptable c) even cared that their comments were racial or disrespectful of someone holding the office of president.

The same people who are sucking from the tit of racist ideology do not understand that they are also excluded from the big boy table. While their whiteness may get them to the door, their economic status will keep them out. The promise of inclusion is a sham. A poor or middle class white person has more in common with a poor or middle class minority than they do with an upper middle class white person. Yet racism trumps economic advancement for all.

I am tired

I have thought seriously about immigrating to Australia, Ireland or Canada.

I really seriously have considered it.

But I don’t run from fights.

I don’t run from hard times.

My parents didn’t raise a punk.

I will fight because this is my country. This is the country my grandfather fought
for in World War II, my dad in Korea and Vietnam, my brothers more recently.

My family tree has deep roots in this country, like hundreds of years (and more) in some places. I’m not going to run away from this country because some ignorant clowns on both sides keep stoking the fires of hatred and destruction.

What I am going to do is fight.

I am going to be the change I want to see in the world.

I am going to use my knowledge, skills and abilities to make a difference.

I am going to have the long, hard conversations with myself and others.

I am going to develop my own Marshall Plan to make my life, my community and my world safer, more productive and more understanding of the experiences of the people surrounding me.

I am going to use my blog, my brand and my platform to educate, inform, entertain and enlighten people.

But one thing I’m not going to do is give in to this bullshit going on right now.

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