The election, the aftermath and what to do next

I apologize for being M.I.A.

I have been doing a lot offline.

I needed self-care.


and probably will need more in the coming months

(thanks Reid Mihalko @ for creating a safe space for those who are having a trying time right now.

But I will say this…

The fight has JUST begun.

For those who think we (the minorities, women, the marginalized, the ‘downtrodden”, the oppressed) will sit back and ‘wait’ to see what will happened next. I have 3 words for you.



the days of complacency are over.

There will be no more,

“protest with restraint”

no more

“there are other ways to protest”


like how?

do you mean protest so that it doesn’t offend YOU?

interrupt your business?

make you uncomfortable.


Not gonna happen.

This election showed that The United State of America would rather have a bigoted, perverted, lying, multiple bankrupt business man who bragged about trying to sleep with a woman months after marrying wife #3, bragged about grabbing women by the pussy. (there is audio proof), who bragged about NOT paying taxes and STILL hasn’t released his taxes (and has no plans to do so) has hired a racist as his chief of staff, encouraged his supporters to attack people and once elected, gave a weak ass “Stop it” when challenged on why he hasn’t done anything to stop the racist and homophobic attacks.

Let me be clear,


Not me,

Not anyone who believes in equal rights for all

Not anyone who is CIS gendered and believe in LOVE for all

Not anyone who supports LBGTQ rights

Not anyone who is a bigot

Not anyone who is poor

Not anyone who is rich

Not anyone who is right

Not anyone who is left

Not anyone who has an ounce of decency left in their body will stand for the xenophobic messages that have sprouted forth from this election cycle.

A can of whop ass has been opened.

For those of you racist, sexist, ego-eccentric, KKK-loving, hate spewing, hatemongers who reject any and all levels of critical thinking, logic and reason.


let me say this again


You will NOT be allowed to disrupt the progress, the forward movement of society because you are scared and fearful.

You are scared that your ‘way of life’ has been taken from you.

Guess what?

welcome to how the ‘others’ have lived.


scared for how you are going to take care of your families?


scared about how you are going to find safe, decent affordable housing?


scared that you will not find a job based on your race or sex?

check yet again.

and you have only RECENTLY has to feel this way.

awwww, can’t take it???

your feelings hurt?

Get over it.

Isn’t that what you tell ‘the blacks”, the gays, the jews, the immigrants, and anyone else who doesn’t look like you?

wow, shoes on the other foot and it doesn’t fit?

welcome to our world.

So, for those of you still reading, here is my challenge to you.


Whether you support animals, LGBTQ, minorities, abortion right or whatever, I DON’T CARE


Make your voice heard.

REGISTER TO VOTE (if you haven’t already)

go to every freaking local city council meeting, county/parish council meeting, join EVERY local board either paid or volunteer in your community.

Know who your local, state and federal representatives are

contact your local, state and federal representatives EVERY CHANCE YOU GET ON EVERY ISSUE.

Be the person that their office staff recognizes your phone number, name and email address.

Get the hell off the internet!

spend your time in your community to make it inclusive, diverse and robust.

make your community include EVERYONE, including those who don’t look like you, love like your or believe in the same GOD as you.

I plan on being a thorn in the side of every person I voted for (because I have vote in EVERY ELECTION since I was 18, no matter where I lived) because I voted you in, and I will vote your ass out. Or I will keep voting until your ass gets out.

So, just to let you know, as far as I am concerned, This aint over,

not by a long shot

I am going to keep fighting for the rights of individuals to love whom they chose. I am going to fight for equity in all areas of life (emotional, financial, mental, social), I am going to fight against oppression everywhere I see it, I am going to fight for those who cannot, those who will not and those who are afraid.

I am going to make my voice sing among the clouds and heard across mountains.

My United States of America will be the land of the free and home of the brave, I will never allow it to be hijacked by those who believe in oppression.