Dear 2016-Fuck You

Dear 2016,
I can’t say I will miss you. one fucking bit. I’ve been pretty pissed off with you since Prince’s death and frankly, its gone downhill since. The cherry on the pie was November 8. You screwed anyone with any common sense, moral decency and critical thinking skills a new hole.

again FUCK YOU.

You have single-handle and without much class, shown the world that the US is really the emperor with new clothes. If this same crap had happened anywhere else, we would have went straight to the United Nations and started a petition drive and emergency hearings. We would have been strongly vocal in our views of the negativity of the election and the candidates.


we elected a racist, sexist, admitted perpetrator of sexual assault, womanizer and a man who bragged about trying to cheat on his wife and buy his side-chick furniture.


David Bowie died.


The list of people I could name to leave this earth would go the length of the internet, but you chose him. Let’s not even go to the other people you have taken out this year. because frankly, the list is way too long.

On a personal note, 2016 you were not as bad as 2012 (which sucked big balls) and you weren’t as disruptive as 2010; for that you won’t get a total kiss my hindparts.


you really really really did hurt alot of feelings. Were we really that bad? I mean what sort of cosmic punishment did we deserve to get Trump as president? My God, let me apologize now for whatever bullshit I might have contributed.

Frankly, we are totally fuckless about 2016 and all its absolutely, mindblowing fuckery.

we are done.

we are so over 2016.

This year can’t end soon enough.

The only thing I can say is if you have more of the same planned for 2017, do us all a favor and let us have a drink first.

Merry Christmas 2016

May my family, friends and faithful and loyal subscribers (and my new readers also) have a very happy holiday season. May your holiday be filled with joy and happiness.

Be blessed & loved always,

Me wait for Santa on Christmas Eve

How I feel right now waiting for Santa to bring me my present

momma june
momma june dancing

Dear Santa, about Christmas

Dear Santa,

Before we get started, I understand that you are busy right now, like really, REALLY SUPER busy. I get that. But in all fairness, I haven’t asked for anything in a while

Like years.

So… in my defense, I think I SHOULD be able to ask for something this year.

Before we get started, I apologize for that “fat bastard” comment from a few years ago. I know it was uncalled for and I humbly apologize. I was a bit stressed out. I was really looking forward to Dave Batista under my tree that year. I’m in the Washington, DC area. He’s from the Washington, DC area. It wasn’t like it was going out your way. And when I didn’t get him…well, I admit I was a bit prissy about it. Okay, in all fairness, asking for the bow around his neck was a bit much, since he was supposed to be naked and I now realize that he would have had pine needles all in his ass.

But I digress.

As far as me being a “good girl”, good is fairly relative don’t you think?

I mean

I haven’t killed anyone (that I know of-but I wanted to and didn’t. I should get credit for that)

I haven’t slept with anyone’s husband (this year) that I know of (In my defense, he said he wasn’t married)

I have honored my mother. (Okay, but in all fairness on this one, she did laugh at the joke)

But you get my point.

So let’s just say I’ve done the bare minimum to receive a gift this year and call it even.

Now that we have the formalities out the way, I will give you options for this year.

I didn’t put up a tree as to not worry about naked bodies and pine needles.

Safety first

Mehcad Brooks

That’s what I want for Christmas.

I know, I know, what about Dave Batista?

Sue me.

You apparently didn’t think I needed him a few years ago and besides he’s busy right now with Guardians of the Galaxy sequel so I don’t think he’s available.

Mr. Brooks is probably busy also with Supergirl, but production has probably closed for Christmas/New Year vacation.

Now I realize this might be a bit much, again. See our discussion above regarding my being good girl.

I can’t promise I won’t be snarky, bitchy or even petty in 2017 but for a few hours in December, trust me, a sista will be just dandy should I wake up with a present like him lying across my couch.

So if Mehcad Brooks, isn’t available, I’m offering some suggestions:

Roman Reigns:
Yes, he’s on my pretend baby-daddy list (he’s actually #1) and I can’t imagine a nicer pacific-islander I’d like to ride like a wave runner. He has a daughter and he would probably rather spend his Christmas morning helping her open her presents under the tree than opening me.

Titus O’Neil
Pretend Baby-daddy #2. A very, very worthy substitute for both Mehcad Brooks and Roman Reigns. He also has children; so again, while I’m sure I could make his barking so worthwhile; He’s probably going to be sitting in his living room Christmas morning unwrapping presents.

Wade Barrett
He’s not on my pretend baby-daddy list but he can get it. He should be available since him and WWE parted ways. (Too bad about that) but he should be able to manage to spend more time with me than the two previous candidates.

Mike Colter

He’s a late entry onto the baby-daddy list but a welcome addition. Since I don’t have netflix and my brother won’t share his password,(ugh) I have to watch Luke Cage bootleg. He’s more than worth me getting my own netflix account. (and I will shortly)

I know that the height seems to be a theme the men have in common (along with nice bodies & wrestling) but I have these really great pair of high-heel wedge shoes I’m dying to wear so I can break them in on Christmas.

Win-win for everyone.

I am going to be very intentional in saying that I am quite positive that you will be able to make your delivery to my house THIS YEAR.

I will leave out some milk and cookies for you but you would probably prefer a bottle of Jack Daniels and a 6-pack of Corona for the rest of the night. Just try not to weave driving the sleigh, remember NORAD is clocking you. They tend to take their job seriously.

Best wishes and tell your wife I said hello,


P.S. p.s. please note that I didn’t do a request for anyone to be naked. Sweatpants and a wife-beater will be sufficient.