Song of the Week: January 29, 2017 Justin Timberlake-Mirrors

What do we really see in the mirror?

A CALL TO ACTION: The Real Work Begins NOW

I needed to take a break from TV and most forms of the internet. I just flat out refused to watch, hear, read or pretty much have anything to do with the new president. cause I REFUSE to say he is my president. I didn’t vote for him. I was actively campaigning against him. Now, in the past, I have not voted for certain presidents either and I didn’t behave like this.


We let those who we voted for that we are NOT happy!
1. Contact your representatives here.
2. CONTACT your local paper and write letters to the editor
3. CONTACT your state officials. CALL AND WRITE them, DAILY if you must. Let them know that this behavior is UNACCEPTABLE!
4. CONTACT your local officials (mayor, city counsel, county council, county executive, city manager, police chief) Let them know that if they support this administrations policies, YOU WILL NOT SUPPORT THEM!
5. REGISTER TO VOTE FOR THE NEXT ELECTION! Don’t play the game about how your vote doesn’t count. The 2016 election proves that it does. If you need to get register, register TODAY. If you need to get an expungement , contact the ACLU office and see if they can help you.
6. DON’T GET DISCOURAGED! We got this. The people in power are small, we are many. These people honestly think that they speak for everyone. THEY DO NOT. Don’t let them take away your power, your voice, your economic power, your social power.
7. BOYCOTT anything and EVERYTHING TRUMP. The hotels, the casino. golf course, Ivanka’s clothes, jewelry, EVERY DAMN THING THEY OWN.
8. BOYCOTT anything and EVERYTHING affiliated with ANY AND ALL NOMINEES. Don’t get them ANY OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! Google their names, companies and organizations they are affiliated with a go HAM on their social media and website. Tell them WE MEAN BUSINESS!
Times have changed.

This wasn’t a ‘free and fair election’

this was a reality show on steroids.

this was fuckery at its media-savvy finest

by people who think everyone outside of their ‘circle’ are a bunch of social misfits, idiots and knuckledragging backwoods clowns.


the WOMEN’S MARCH ON WASHINGTON (and everywhere else, including Antarctica) shows that we are not here for your bullshit.

The president can oppress his trophy wife, but the rest of us aren’t having that shit.

Paul Ryan -FUCK YOU. With a rusty telephone pole and no Vaseline.

Mike Pense- FUCK YOU. You fucked over Indiana now you think you are going to fuck over the nation into some 1950’s white man’s christian version of heaven.

Trump Children and in-law (except the minor) – FUCK YOU.For those of you who think that being an “advisor’ to your father means double dipping to make you pockets rich. Think again. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE WORLD ARE NOT STUPID. Your money came from the backs of low income people in NYC and across the country. You sleep in million dollars apartments and homes while others had to go without food, heat and water to pay their rent.


Don’t get comfortable.

We are not here for your bullshit either.


The rest of you President loving, the DC establishment swamp needs to be drained, he’s going to do what he said he was going to do on the campaign.


It is so obvious that your misogynistic and racist views have overridden what you took to be common sense.

Those of you who voted for this imposter are going to get screwed. Hard and painful.

You have allowed your fear, prejudice and ignorance to sabotage any semblance of the America you CLAIM to want.

It kills you that you can’t find a job paying enough to feed your families, while people of color have been looking for ways to support their families in this country for over 300 years.

The jobs went overseas because the COMPANY OWNERS wanted BIGGER PROFITS, to spend on themselves, NOT TO INVEST IN THEIR WORKERS. But hey, I don’t understand stuff like that.

Jobs went overseas because they could pay a factory of people less than $5 per day and not pay YOU $20 per hour plus benefits.

You and all workers are LINE ITEMS in a budget. Company’s want to make a profit, so what do they do, THEY CHOP THE BUDGET. THEY TRIM THE FAT, You dear president turd supporter ARE FAT TO BE CHOPPED.

THESE companies have NEVER CARED about your well-being.


They are beholden to their shareholders, who want a PROFIT. They are not a charity, not a non-profit. They don’t give a fuck about your mom with cancer, your daughter with autism, your son’s depression, your wife’s MS.


But again, its the Hispanics fault. You can’t get assistance because the blacks are on welfare and taking all the benefits (more whites are on welfare than blacks FYI) Its the illegal immigrants causing all the crime in your area.

No, its not your boss who fired your friends to hire 2 illegal immigrants so he wouldn’t have to pay more in employment taxes to the state.

No its not congress who won’t pass comprehensive immigration reform.

You actually are falling for the tax cut for the wealthy and how is going to help you.

Get real.

Do you honestly think that cutting taxes for Bill Gates is going to affect you? Only if you are his housekeeper, nanny or gardener.

Do you remember former Tyco International CEO Dennis Kozlowski. The man who spent $2 millions on his wife’s birthday party on Sardinia and once bought a $6,000 dollar shower curtain?

So again, tell me how a tax on the rich is going to help you?

I’ll wait.

Who will it help? The estate planning attorneys at the top law firms who are (as we speak) using the US Tax code to create trust funds and other avenues of long-term wealth for generations of THEIR FAMILIES, not yours. Its going to help the people who cater to high rollers, the casinos, the bankers, the stock brokers, the nanny agencies, the private jet, private island and all the other services and industries designed to cater to those with wealth.

and these industries don’t include YOU unless YOU work for them. Even if you work for them, they are nickle and diming you and probably with no benefits and telling you that your working for them will make your resume and LinkedIn page look good.

and most people don’t.

so you lose out.

So, all you people who those electing this fucking bankrupt (morally and financially), lying ass, cheating, weak-ass, fake-ass, cooning, suck-up would help you. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY STUPID AS FUCK and you will be the first ones to feel the direct impact of all the so-called ‘policies’ you seemingly think didn’t benefit you, actually did.

I will say it for now for all those who saw this coming:


Idris Elba just broke my heart

I am just devastated. my poor little ovaries are just weeping over the news.

Idris Elba just broke my heart.

I thought he could never do it, but he did.

He made a date for without me

for valentine’s day

even if its for a great cause

I’m not going to be there.

i am too done.

now I have to donate or contribute something to this organization, but truth be told. I want him in front me with with a champagne flute in one hand and his jacket lying across the chair and nothing but a smile across his face.

I’d be willing to give an ovary for that.

but alas, 2017 came in with a bang. any video with Idris is worth it and him romancing the women of the world, well, yea. it was the first internet breaking of 2017.

So now, i just gotta keep the faith and try not to take it too personally. I imagine that there are many women in the world right now who are debating whether or not to pay their mortgages or buy groceries and try to enter to win.

be still my heart.

so I’m going to have to sign and imagine having my own valentine’s day, hell i don’t want valentine’s day. i want every day dinners and every evening deserts.

but then again, my list of baby daddy’s grows every time I watch a TV and find a new show I’m interested in.

but Idris will still be baby daddy #1 (most days)

Song of the Week: January 15, 2017 Justin Timberlake Cry Me A River

Cry for yourself, never cry about someone else