Man Crush Monday: Titus O’Neil

Well, I have always loved Chocolate men. Him can get it. Anytime he wants. When I first saw him my thought was oh my… lookie here (hehe)

he is fine as hell. he can get it. As far as I know, he’s single. so he can really get it. absolutely, okay maybe after a 5 minute conversation. but he can get it. and he can leave the suit on. we can work around the zipper and belt.

oh and he can bark as much as he wants, as long as he wants.

did i forget to mention he can get it?titus 1titus 2

Man Crush Monday- Roman Reigns

As my friend Yvette says: He can get it

those who know me know I’m a big wrestling fan (who knew right) and I love watching Raw on Mondays. (not tonight because I have a date so it will be recorded) but this man right here…


I am not going to lie. Him makes my uterus hurt. I have never wanted to give birth but… he’d make me talk to Dr. Bennett about my fertility.

I don’t know if its the hair, the eyes, the way he walks to the ring or even his ring music, or his height (6’3). While I will admit that he can get it, he’s married so… he can’t get it. but a woman can dream. and I can look forwards to mondays where I can imagine being in the back and wiping the sweat of his… championship belt

roman 2