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So Iylana is having a sit down with Chris Brown’s ex.

Thank God someone is. That girl is the Chairman of the Board of Team Bad Decisions, INC

How many times does a man have to disrespect you on social media before you go


How many times does he have to put your business in the street?

How many times does he have to sing songs about you or your relationship on his records?

Oh, I don’t know…

like a million?

I wish she had friends. Real friends.

not like the acquaintance that was sleeping with Chris while they were on ‘break’, off for the nth time or whatever.

Cause I need you to have real friends. and guy friends too.

to have that “you know Karruche is my friend right?” guy friends who will take him out in the backyard and have a ‘conversation with him’ type friends.

but I don’t think she does.

I need her to have friends who won’t spend their time flying around the world and posting pics on Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest telling everyone about you guys ‘ballin’ lifestyle.

cause if dealing with Chris Brown is ballin, we need to find you a new set of everybody.

It seems as if you genuinely care for Mr. Brown. I don’t know if you know this but… You don’t have to date or even be with everyone you care about. No dear, you really don’t.

When you met this guy, he just started probation for beating up his ex. DID you SEE the pics of her face? Um, that alone should have made you back up when he asked you what your name was, unless of course, A man fresh from beating his woman’s face isn’t a deal breaker for you.

Honestly, I don’t know and have never understood why some women are ‘ride and die’ chicks. I hate to say this but he’s not ‘riding or dying’ for YOU.

his ‘surprise’ baby should have been a big hint.

He put on blast that he gave you your ‘come up’, cause frankly, outside of your attachment to chris, we (aka the general public) had no clue who you were.

He put out that you and him did 3some and YOU had no problem with him rolling like that.

That enough (for putting THAT out in the street) should have made you NEVER speak to him again. Let’s be frank here, women can’t do what men do. Even in 2015. Our sexuality isn’t our own, sure we are fighting to get it back, but men and society and still pulling hard on the other end of that rope. And Chris was making damn sure you were dropping your piece of our collective rope.

I hope Iylana can give you some type of closure. I really do. I think that you are trying to ‘save’ him, like so many woman: young, old, black, white and in-between. Chris needs to get some serious professional help. Not this bullshit pretend help he’s getting now but the in-patient, 8-12 months treatment he needs, outside of the Celebrity lifestyle, outside of the hangers-on.

I think you should strongly consider getting some professional help yourself. Your relationship with Chris was not healthy period. While I am no psychologist, you don’t have to be to see how toxic this relationship was. At one point he was dating you AND the woman he beat up. How healthy is that? How many times do you really think going back to that well was gonna change a damn thing?

I understand, we (the general public) don’t know him like you do. I’m guessing YOU don’t know him the way you think he does. This isn’t about his bi-polar condition, his smoking weed, or none of the things TMZ gets right or ‘wrong’. Its about a man who can’t control his anger, has not dealt with his child abuse issues, hasn’t dealt with his own childhood of domestic violence and whatever else we throw in.

He has issues. Issues you are not professionally trained for.

If he needed a bathing suit (because I read you are a designer) then by all mean, make him one, but his needs are WAY beyond your wheelhouse skill set.

I am willing to go out on a limb here and say he’s probably hit you also, but your never going to admit it. He’s probably yelled and screamed and got all up in your face privately, but again, YOU are never going to admit it.
That’s fine. but what i will need for you to do is to be honest with yourself. Protecting Chris from the public and Himself with “love” and “loyalty” isn’t really working out. He’s coming at you on social media like you owe him money.

If you were my niece, this would be a whole different conversation.

I wish you all the best. Truly I do, but until Chris Brown is completely out of your mind, body, soul and heart, You will not have any of the above.

2 chyle

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