Dear 2016-Fuck You

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Dear 2016,
I can’t say I will miss you. one fucking bit. I’ve been pretty pissed off with you since Prince’s death and frankly, its gone downhill since. The cherry on the pie was November 8. You screwed anyone with any common sense, moral decency and critical thinking skills a new hole.

again FUCK YOU.

You have single-handle and without much class, shown the world that the US is really the emperor with new clothes. If this same crap had happened anywhere else, we would have went straight to the United Nations and started a petition drive and emergency hearings. We would have been strongly vocal in our views of the negativity of the election and the candidates.


we elected a racist, sexist, admitted perpetrator of sexual assault, womanizer and a man who bragged about trying to cheat on his wife and buy his side-chick furniture.


David Bowie died.


The list of people I could name to leave this earth would go the length of the internet, but you chose him. Let’s not even go to the other people you have taken out this year. because frankly, the list is way too long.

On a personal note, 2016 you were not as bad as 2012 (which sucked big balls) and you weren’t as disruptive as 2010; for that you won’t get a total kiss my hindparts.


you really really really did hurt alot of feelings. Were we really that bad? I mean what sort of cosmic punishment did we deserve to get Trump as president? My God, let me apologize now for whatever bullshit I might have contributed.

Frankly, we are totally fuckless about 2016 and all its absolutely, mindblowing fuckery.

we are done.

we are so over 2016.

This year can’t end soon enough.

The only thing I can say is if you have more of the same planned for 2017, do us all a favor and let us have a drink first.

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Jinks Jones

I am a writer and educator. My passion is making things better than they were before I got there. I want a world where frank conversations about sex and sexuality are not minimized, avoided or just outright banned. I want have a world where women and men are treated equally. A world where no girl under age of 18 has a child unless SHE is fully capable of having one (mentally, emotionally, financially and physically). I want a world where boys under the age of 18 understand that using devaluing girls and young women for their own sexual pleasure not only degrades the person they are with but also themselves. I want a world where people stop having "Oops babies". I want a world where a women isn't disemboweled because she called out her ex's name during sex. I want a world where a woman doesn't lie about physical abuse as punishment in child custody cases. I want a world where a transwoman can walk in public with her partner and he's not ridiculed by his family, friends or society at large. I want a world where a man is viewed as being just as capable as raising a child as any woman. I want young people to learn how to make healthy life-affirming decisions regarding love, sex and romantic relationships for a lifetime, not just one time. I want a world where women and men don't come to the table in a relationship with their sex organs and think its the only thing of value they have to offer. I want a world where people view each other as individuals, not as potential victims. I want a world where healthy relationships are the rule, not the exception. I want a world where being kinky is perfectly okay. I want a world where you can go to your grandmother on advice for buying a new sex toy. Oh and I want to have a good time wherever I go!