Idris Elba just broke my heart

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I am just devastated. my poor little ovaries are just weeping over the news.

Idris Elba just broke my heart.

I thought he could never do it, but he did.

He made a date for without me

for valentine’s day

even if its for a great cause

I’m not going to be there.

i am too done.

now I have to donate or contribute something to this organization, but truth be told. I want him in front me with with a champagne flute in one hand and his jacket lying across the chair and nothing but a smile across his face.

I’d be willing to give an ovary for that.

but alas, 2017 came in with a bang. any video with Idris is worth it and him romancing the women of the world, well, yea. it was the first internet breaking of 2017.

So now, i just gotta keep the faith and try not to take it too personally. I imagine that there are many women in the world right now who are debating whether or not to pay their mortgages or buy groceries and try to enter to win.

be still my heart.

so I’m going to have to sign and imagine having my own valentine’s day, hell i don’t want valentine’s day. i want every day dinners and every evening deserts.

but then again, my list of baby daddy’s grows every time I watch a TV and find a new show I’m interested in.

but Idris will still be baby daddy #1 (most days)

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