Pissed off Fiancee and social media don’t mix well, at all

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So Victor Cruz’s fiancée decided to give her fiancée’s side chicks a heads-up on the new additions to the family. I aint’ really mad about that. Since they are all dick-sharing, (of course we know aint no body using any type of damn protection nowhere in this equation-being honest for a second), She should let everyone that is riding his dick they aren’t the only passengers on the train. Now, social media isn’t necessarily the way to do it

If I knew Victor Cruz’s fiancée, (Elaina Watley) I’d give her a hug. A big, long, long hug. I’d let her cry on my shoulder until she was dehydrated. I would listen to her loud sobs and tell her to let it all out. Then I’d help her come up with a plan to make his life a living hell.

When I was younger (of course)

Nowadays, I still give her a long hug, wipe her tears, give her water and tissues and ask her what she wanted to do next.
While I would be thinking of a billion ways to make him suffer (cause I can), I would not suggest any to her. I’d let her tell me what she wanted; Even if I didn’t agree with it. Why you might ask?

No matter all the well meaning advice in the world, she loves him. She gave birth to his child. He got down on one knee and proposed to her. Whatever bond (however tainted we believe it to be) is theirs. She has to be the one to figure it out. She has to be the one to decide. Now social media finger warriors have jumped on the bandwagon. Some are calling her out for putting her business in the street. Some are calling her out for putting his business in the street. Some are supporting the side chicks saying his girl should have been on her game then there would have been no side chicks in the first place.

I have been fortunate enough for Karma to have allowed me to watch a few situations unfold. Let me tell you honestly, that was some of the best tea and popcorn I have ever had.

That being said, whether or not I agree with what Ms. Watley did, I’m sure she did it out of anger, frustration, embarrassment and butthurtness. When you hold down someone while they are out chasing their dreams, when you are the one funding said dreams, working 10-12 hours days so they can pursue their dreams with reckless abandon, when you hold them up when they are down (for months if not years) and as soon as they get where they want to be, they treat you like the help…

I don’t even think so.

Allegedly Mr. Cruz’s fiancée has been there since before he became the darling of the NY Giants. Whether she was scouting him for a big payday or wanted to help him reach his goals because she believed they were ‘teammates in life”, I can’t speculate on that. What I can tackle is why the hell does he have time to fuck other women when he needs to get healthy to play on the field? While I will publicly admit to not being a NY Giants fan, I’m a football fan and you cannot have side chicks and have conversations with sports reporters about how you are sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines and not playing in games. Your faith is misplaced sir. Your left calf injury isn’t being helping by letting some woman other than your fiancee ride you like a pony.

I’m just saying.

I can imagine that his teammates aren’t too pleased with their 2-2 record right now AND one of their stars just got outed for apparently caring more about his sex game than his football game?

They might be a bit pissy. Again, I’m just saying.

I truly feel for his fiancee. I hope she has some really strong support available to her. If there were any advice I’d give, I’d say this:

You have to live with whatever decision you make regarding your relationship. You have to be able to look in the mirror and live with it. You have to be able to look yourself in the eye and be comfortable and strong with it. You have to live in your truth. You have to live your life. You also have to remember that you have a girl child who is watching you. Everything thing you do she sees, she emulates, whether you realize it or not. Every decision we make in life is a choice. Not making a choice is making a choice. Waiting till tomorrow to make a decision is a choice. Waiting until someone else makes a decision is a choice. You have to allow yourself to make your own choices. You have to allow yourself to make your own decisions based on your unique situation, because no one knows your situation better than you, despite how many people ‘think’ they know your situation. I know you love him. Deeply. Madly. You been down since forever. Sometimes forever isn’t forever and sometimes what we think is love isn’t. Love is not disrespect and love is not about lies, bad behavior, games and mistreatment. So, whatever decision you make, make one that you can live with and one that you can live with when you look in the mirror.

That being said, I’d entertain her with some of my antics of my youth. Minus the ones where the statue of limitations are still running.

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