Bachelorette Review: Episode 2 Get the Fuck Out

So let me first say that I really don’t follow the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. I have seen bits from time to time. I will say that I did watch Episode 1 of this season. This is why I decided to write this review.

Oh and a black woman is the Bachelorette this time. I am stoked! I gotta support a sister when she is trying to find love.

I think that this will be fun.

So the first episode was about meeting the guys and who would get cut. I was pissy because I think that a couple of guys who got cut shouldn’t have and a couple who stayed should have been on the first bus smoking. The one black guy who cried about being cut because he couldn’t show off his clothes was an idiot.

So this one guy with this catch phrase “Waboom” aka Lucas. I dislike him. He’s like a fake and why the fuck is he here. (producers pet)

Episode 2

It opens with the guys being broken into 2 groups for group dates. The first group had a mini-bbq, played football. Aston Kuchner and Mila Kunis helped her with the next challenge. (They are big fans of the show. Ironically, Ashton said he didn’t think her husband was in this group of guys).

The husband-worthy’ challenge was an obstacle course with a plastic baby. Waboom stiff-armed Kenny for the win. Kenny should have knocked him the fuck out. (I’m petty). He didn’t win anything but a grade-school project medal AND he let the plastic baby drown. WTF. The group date was in this funky restaurant. The guys tried but they didn’t really be romantic but were trying to get to know her but not too get frisky.

The individual date was with Peter. They went to Palm Springs with her dog (Copper-who is cute) and attended Barkfest. It was cute. I think he might go far. The dog had a cast on his leg. Can’t wait to hear how that happened.

The 2nd group date was basketball. Kareem helps her evaluate the guys. DeMario is bragging about how he is doing so well and he’s sure he’s going to get the date rose. The guys practice and then play a game in front of a crowd.

After the game, a woman comes up to Rachel and tells her DeMario is her man and still has keys to her house. I was like “Really Bitch”.

I was like, WTF. First he tried to say

“Who dis”

I was like, Nope, ninja, nope.

Karate chop him in the throat Rachel.


She didn’t but she did the black girl “Get the fuck out” move. Now if it wasn’t on TV, it would have had a couple of N-words and MF attached, but I was fine with it.

She goes back to the locker room and tells the guys. They are like. WTF. Didn’t see that one coming.

Secretly they are probably like, “good, 1 less guy in my way”

I feel you about that sentiment.

So they get back to the house and they tell the other guys. The 1st group of guys was like WTF, Seriously? What a douche.

She comes in and the cocktail hour before the rose ceremony. She’s sucking face with a couple of them. Waboom is dressed like he’s going I don’t know the fuck where.

The chiropractor gives her a massage (after her day she needs an adjustment).

The other guys try to make her feel better and ask her how she is doing and show concern for her well-being. I am with her, those points will bring you up in standing for getting a rose.

During this time Demario shows up asking to talk to Rachel. I’m like, is this Ninja for real? You played her and yourself and you want to talk about how your character was ‘assassinated?

Boy bye.

A couple of guys over hear the host telling Rachel that Demario is wanting to talk to her. Curiosity is getting the best of her so she decides to hear him out. The other guys run and tell so now there is a mob going to the front gate.

Personally, I would have went to the gate to see if he could still talk after my throat punch. And if he couldn’t, I would hit him again. In the testicles. Whatever was left, the rest of the guys could have. (again, I’m petty like that when my feelings get involved and I think you are playing me)

And that’s where it ends.

Will she let he say his peace? Will he beg to come back? Will Kenny kick his ass like he said he’d like to? Who is going to stand up and check Demario for being a douche?

Song of the Week: May 28, 2017 Will Smith-Summertime

The “unofficial” beginning of summer

Song of the Week: March 12, 2017: No Doubt- Don’t Speak

This is the time (after Valentine’s Day) and just before the 2nd wave of income tax returns come back that you realize what you already knew deep down. This person is trying to break up with me. This *&^%)!!!
But while you are pissed, pissy and really, really upset, try to remember this:

Not everything you lose is a loss.

Thoughts of love

So tomorrow is valentine’s day. I used to love the day. As I got older, I realized it was so commercialized that it really lost its meaning. Then i learned the history of Valentine’s Day

I’m really not going to line up for men to whip me with animal hides, I’ll have to pass on that part of the celebration.

When you aren’t in love, thinking of love or pissed off at love, you aren’t really interested in love, this day is one of those, Not again, days.

Does it ever get tiring for marketers and advertising execs to create such detailed plans to pull money out of our pockets? I mean, this does get annoying.

So, here is the deal. Don’t cater to whatever marketers are selling us.

If you want to buy your honey flowers. buy them August 23, or July 12 or March 8th. The specific day shouldn’t really matter. What does matter whether or not you are HONEST about your feelings.

Don’t tell someone you love them when you don’t.

Don’t pretend to like someone to have sex with them.

Don’t pretend to love someone so they will spend money on you.

Don’t use money to buy someone affection.

If someone doesn’t like you, the real you, you are not missing anything.

There is someone out there for you. The real you. The you that loves to bake pies, watch Horror Movies, and HGTV.

Live your life, Do you and they will find you.