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So tomorrow is valentine’s day. I used to love the day. As I got older, I realized it was so commercialized that it really lost its meaning. Then i learned the history of Valentine’s Day

I’m really not going to line up for men to whip me with animal hides, I’ll have to pass on that part of the celebration.

When you aren’t in love, thinking of love or pissed off at love, you aren’t really interested in love, this day is one of those, Not again, days.

Does it ever get tiring for marketers and advertising execs to create such detailed plans to pull money out of our pockets? I mean, this does get annoying.

So, here is the deal. Don’t cater to whatever marketers are selling us.

If you want to buy your honey flowers. buy them August 23, or July 12 or March 8th. The specific day shouldn’t really matter. What does matter whether or not you are HONEST about your feelings.

Don’t tell someone you love them when you don’t.

Don’t pretend to like someone to have sex with them.

Don’t pretend to love someone so they will spend money on you.

Don’t use money to buy someone affection.

If someone doesn’t like you, the real you, you are not missing anything.

There is someone out there for you. The real you. The you that loves to bake pies, watch Horror Movies, and HGTV.

Live your life, Do you and they will find you.

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Jinks Jones

I am a writer and educator. My passion is making things better than they were before I got there. I want a world where frank conversations about sex and sexuality are not minimized, avoided or just outright banned. I want have a world where women and men are treated equally. A world where no girl under age of 18 has a child unless SHE is fully capable of having one (mentally, emotionally, financially and physically). I want a world where boys under the age of 18 understand that using devaluing girls and young women for their own sexual pleasure not only degrades the person they are with but also themselves. I want a world where people stop having "Oops babies". I want a world where a women isn't disemboweled because she called out her ex's name during sex. I want a world where a woman doesn't lie about physical abuse as punishment in child custody cases. I want a world where a transwoman can walk in public with her partner and he's not ridiculed by his family, friends or society at large. I want a world where a man is viewed as being just as capable as raising a child as any woman. I want young people to learn how to make healthy life-affirming decisions regarding love, sex and romantic relationships for a lifetime, not just one time. I want a world where women and men don't come to the table in a relationship with their sex organs and think its the only thing of value they have to offer. I want a world where people view each other as individuals, not as potential victims. I want a world where healthy relationships are the rule, not the exception. I want a world where being kinky is perfectly okay. I want a world where you can go to your grandmother on advice for buying a new sex toy. Oh and I want to have a good time wherever I go!